The Cleveland Herda Clan
Please note that Names are presented as English equivalents
Also note:  This is information provided to me by researchers..

Target Ancestor:  [Research in Progress] 104 AD

Adam Herda  -  circa 1640 [Still some research in progress]


Baron Franz Joseph Von Herda Baroness Elaine Von Herda 

(Lady Elaine Hapsburg)

circ 1680 circ 1680



John Herda Anna Stanka
Nitranka, Czechoslovakia  


Steven Herda Katherine Lustik
Dob:  7/18/1887 Dob:  Unknown
Dod:  1966 Dod:  Unknown
Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio


Frank L.Herda Dorthy M. Savol
Dob:  12/13/1920 Dob:  12/26/1927
Dod:  6/1988 Dod:  5/3/2005
Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio


Laird Frank A. Herda Lady Marcia A. Cooper
Dob:  9/13/1947 Dob:  3/24/1947
Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio


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