Welcome to my Medal of Honor Area.

This area is dedicated to all recipents of the Congressional Medal of Honor, Living and deceased.  

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My thanks to Doug Sterner at the Home of Heroes website for these pictures.


This is the seal for the Medal of Honor Society.


Here are links to Medal of Honor Web Sites:

http://www.cmohs.org (Official Society Web site)

http://www.PeterLemon.com (Pete Lemon, MOH - personal site)

http://www.mishalov.com/Citations.html (Dedicated to RVN MOH recipients with photos & citations)

http://www.directcon.net/bcarr/ (Marine Corps MOH from WWII to RVN)

http://host.sybercom.net/~rle/m_honor.htm (Information on MOH, but also a very complete list of MOH Links)

http://www.HomeOfHeroes.com - (Hall of Heroes Home Page)

http://www.HomeOfHeroes.com/moh - (Main Page for Medal of Honor section - you can find state-by-state listings of all MOH recipients with links to their citations, recipients sorted by War, and burial locations of all deceased MOH recipients)

http://www.HomeOfHeroes.com/photos - Photos of more than 1,000 recipients, along with candid photo albums including many photos contributed by Mick Bush (Bob's son) who is the official Society Photographer.

http://www.HomeOfHeroes.com/profiles - PROFILES IN COURAGE, narative stories of many recipients

http://www.HomeOfHeroes.com/brotherhood - THE BROTHERHOOD OF SOLDIERS AT WAR, a special series of stories done last veterans day that includes several MOH recipient stories.

http://www.HomeOfHeroes.com/pearlharbor - A 7-page series of stories on the 15 MOH from Pearl Harbor.