Can you really make money on-line?

The US economy is still in the crapper.  And, things do not appear to be turning positive anytime in the near future.

There are so many “Make money fast” or “Work at home” scams out there.  I will tell you from personal experience, they don’t work.  The only one making money is the guy who is selling these programs.   And, while they boast having a customer support staff, when you ask a question, the answer you get back looks like it is written by someone who didn’t read your question.  No real support at all!  You might as well be sending questions into outer space.

So, what do you do?  Ah, the 64 million dollar question!  First, some basic facts:

#1.  Making money requires work.  OMG, I can’t believe I said that word, work!

#2.  You can’t make money without money.

#3.  Nothing is FREE.

#4.  You get what you pay for.

#5.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

More to come, so stay tuned!


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AOE – A great Game

If you are into history, the you might want to look into Age of Empires [AOE].

Even though it is a older game, AOE is one of the best real time strategy games ever.  This game was released by Microsoft in 1997.  The content and historical information is incredible.  As a history buff, I’m impressed by it.

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Anti-Virus Software

The big question – Do I need Anti Virus Software?

The answer – YES.

What package should I get?

For most people, the FREE Microsoft Security Essentials is all you will need.  And, again, it’s FREE from Microsoft.

However, if you get a lot of e-mails and spend a lot of time on the internet, you will need a more comprehensive package.  Kaspersky is the best on the market and is reasonably priced.  The big Internet Security package is not necessary, it also slows down your PC and is more expensive.  The anti-virus only version will take care of all the nasty stuff out there.


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Do you read books?

What kind of books do you read?

If you are a reader fo SCIFI Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery, then you should check out my website for information on my best selling book, The Cup of Death.  A synopsis and a video trailer is also available at my website.

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4 Sale

High Quality Collectables, reasonable prices!

No shipping outside of the US.

See My E-Bay

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Hello everyone

I am Frank’s Office Manager

Frank has added me to the weblog to handle some of the routine stuff.

Please make sure you check the General Info Page.

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Kindle Fire – Hot

Kindle Fire is one of hottest tablets to come out in 2011.

While I’m not really a tablet fan, I must admit the the Kindle Fire is very impressive.  And, for the price tag of $199.00, it is a great value.

The one I received was ordered from Amazon at the pre-order, promotional price of $136.00.  What could be better?

Not only does it let you read your favorite e-book.  You can listen to your favorite music, watch movies, check your e-mail, play games, surf the web, and much more.

The seven inch screen is crystal clear and the display is extremely sharp, beautiful color.

Even at #199.00, the Kindle Fire is a great value and well worth the price tag!


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RSS – No

A number of people have asked how to get a RSS feed from this blog.

I have not installed a RSS feed program at this point.  Maybe in the future.  Stay tuned for now.

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Save Money – Magic Jack

Four years ago I fired my telephone company.

Every month it was a guessing game to see what my phone bill would be.  My phone company would add this charge, and that charge until my bill would be several pages long and would be over $60.00 per month.  Also, local calls to another area code had a surcharge on them.  Long distance calls, well lets just say, the fees were outrageous.  Now I pay just $19.95 a year.  The savings are unbelievable!

What did I do?  I fired my phone company and got Magicjack.  Now I pay $19.95 per year and get free calls to all local and long distance calls.

To say that I am very satisfied with MagicJack is a understatement!  Being a retired person on a fixed budget, MagicJack is the slickest thing since strawberry shortcake.  And, it just gets better.

The Magicjack company now have a updated device that you can use it without your PC.  Also, they have a companion service, MagicTalk, that does not even require a MagicJack device on your PC.  This is really great for laptops, people that travel a lot!

No, they are not paying me for this endorsement.  However, I’m a very satisfied customer, saving a ton of money on my phone bills.


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Which God is God?

The Catholics have their God;

The Muslims have their God;

The Hindus have their God;

The Buddhists have their God;

The Druids have their God;  Etc…

So who is right?  Which religion has the real God?

After many years of contemplation on this subjectI think I have the answer.  All Gods are one; All Goddesses are one; All Gods and Goddesses are one.  I think that MZB had it right in her Avalon series of books.

This means all the wars that were fought over this issue were for nothing, including the crusades.

As for the atheists, all you have to do is take a walk in the forest or look up at the night sky.  How could anyone say there is no God?



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