Save Money – Magic Jack

Four years ago I fired my telephone company.

Every month it was a guessing game to see what my phone bill would be.  My phone company would add this charge, and that charge until my bill would be several pages long and would be over $60.00 per month.  Also, local calls to another area code had a surcharge on them.  Long distance calls, well lets just say, the fees were outrageous.  Now I pay just $19.95 a year.  The savings are unbelievable!

What did I do?  I fired my phone company and got Magicjack.  Now I pay $19.95 per year and get free calls to all local and long distance calls.

To say that I am very satisfied with MagicJack is a understatement!  Being a retired person on a fixed budget, MagicJack is the slickest thing since strawberry shortcake.  And, it just gets better.

The Magicjack company now have a updated device that you can use it without your PC.  Also, they have a companion service, MagicTalk, that does not even require a MagicJack device on your PC.  This is really great for laptops, people that travel a lot!

No, they are not paying me for this endorsement.  However, I’m a very satisfied customer, saving a ton of money on my phone bills.


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