Herbal Medicines – Antibiotics

Have you noticed that commercials increasingly show more side effects for drugs?  And, they are worse than the condition that they are supposed to fix.  Have you noticed that antibiotics don’t seem to work anymore?  This is really scary!

When I was very young and not feeling too well, mother would say that we needed to make the dreaded trip to see a doctor.  However, great grandmother would go to her cupboard, bring out a paper bag and give me something she said that would fix the problem.  You know that in a very short amount of time I was feeling so much better.

Many years ago I wondered just what it was that my ancestors knew that doctors today didn’t know.  I found that the answer was home remedies and in particular herbal medicines that had no side effects and fixed the problems.

Like you, I hate to go to the doctor.  You go to a doctor’s office, sit and wait for what sometimes are hours, then are rushed into a room and wait some more.  Then someone comes into the room, takes your blood pressure with a machine, takes your temperature, and ask you a million questions that you already told to  the receptionist.  Then the person leaves and you are forced to wait some more.

Finally, if you lucky the doctor shows up and the process starts again.  If you aren’t lucky, a physicians assistant, and it’s more questions. Then finally a doctor shows up.  In a matter of seconds, the doctor makes his diagnosis and disappears. You then go back to the receptionist who gives you a prescription, demands payment, and sends you on your way.  The prescription appears to be in a foreign language, leaving you to scratch your head and  wonder what had just happened.

You then take the prescription to a drug store where a pharmacist looks at it with a jaundiced eye and tells you that it will be ready in a hour or so, come back later.  When the prescription is finally ready, payment is demanded and you receive a small bottle with pills in it that you will have to take several times a day for about two weeks.  You go home and proceed to follow the instructions on the pill bottle.

If you are lucky, you begin to feel better in a week or so, and chalk to whole experience up to “the way things are”.  If you aren’t lucky, it’s back to the doctor’s office to start all over again.

Whew, that was a bit to get to the point, huh?  Well, I’m here to tell you that there is a easier, less time consuming, less expensive way to feel better.

I have found, after much research, that a simple, inexpensive, herbal solution that has no side effects, works wonders.  And, will have you feeling better in a matter of a few days.

For most conditions, like sinus infections, bronchitis, even the onset of a sore throat, can be treated at home by taking Grapefruit Seed Extract.  You can get Grapefruit Seed Extract at most health food stores or do a search for it on the web.  Taking this tiny tablet, three times a day at mealtime does the trick.

I’m not saying that this is a cure all, but for most things, it works like a miracle, and has no side effects.




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