You can prepare on a shoestring

Yes, even if you are on a fixed income, or living on a budget, you can prepare for some of the disasters that we have experienced this winter.

I’m not talking about apocalyptic scenarios as depicted on TV programs, I’m talking about events like a Polar Vortex, rolling Alberta Clippers, Major Snowstorms, tornado’s, etc.  These events have kept people hunkered down in their homes for days at a time.

Also, I’m not talking about buying thousands of dollars worth of prepper foods.  What I’m talking about is a common sense approach to prepare for a emergency.

Remember when you were a kid and went shopping with your Mother or Grandmother?  If you were observant, you may have noticed they would buy a few extra cans of soup, chili, a bag of sugar or flour.  Perhaps an extra package of toilet paper or paper towels.   They would always tell you that it pays to have a few extra things, especially if they are on sale.

Maybe when you grew up you were told that the local store had this or that on sale and that you should get a few “to have on hand”.

Why did you Mother or Grandmother tell you this?  I don’t know about you, but my parents grew up during the “Great Depression of the 1930’s”  And, their parents knew quite a bit of how to live with very little “store bought items”.  Gardening, canning, baking and making stuff at home was a everyday occurrence for them.

My point is that when you go to your local store, buy a few extra things.  You will find that in no time at all your pantry items will grow very quickly.  Also if you see some things that are on sale, so much the better.  It doesn’t take very long to be prepared for a disaster.

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