Things to ask teachers.

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The one thing we learn from history is that we do not learn from history.

* If you wanna have fun, high school and college peeps, print this out and query your teachers once they start bashing the USA. Oh, and film them attempting to answer the questions.

In the past, what happens to nations when their governments…

… rob from the rich to buy votes from the poor?

… take legal citizen’s jobs, financial security, medical care and tax dollars and use them to buy votes from illegal immigrants and bribed minorities?

… tax away incentive from the 1% responsible investors to buy votes from the 99% irresponsibly entitled?

… disenfranchise, condemn and discriminate against those with traditional proven values to embrace radical change from politically correct change agents as the norm?

… policies produce more walkers than strollers emptied by government funded birth control and abortions?

… disarm individuals from self-protection to arm a private army (SS, DHS) for enforcement of executive orders?

… vote themselves the treasury, the federal reserve, unrestricted spending and tax exemptions to fund youth indoctrination camps for unscrupulous change agents (like Acorn and now Fair Share) to canvas the country to slander opposition with big lies, propaganda, and mindless allegiance to a slanted totalitarian power base?

… train, practice and prepare for armed assaults on its own cities, farms, business, and non-combative populace?

… terminate law enforcement and military leadership that refuses to fire on their own civilian population?

… excessively fine businesses that do not share their radical views of deviant inclusivism to buy votes from fringe movements?

… spend more effort popularizing their photo ops with infatuated blind media than disaster relief with emergency services?

… buy votes with money from foreign oil (BP), foreign investment (Pakistan), foreign kickbacks and foreign America hating organizations?

… idolize a leader without a background check, while they criminalize the population by requiring background checks?

… export jobs and import foreign dependence?

… bail out bank usury, investor fraud, and wall street exploitation as they support foreclose on families and allow hoarding of the bail-out money by lenders?

… tolerate, legitimize, support and engender hatred for a selected conservative race, dissenting creed, upper class or opposing party?

… are intolerant of … and discriminate against racial majorities to pander to illegal immigrants, racial vengeance, and minority exploitation?

… finance voter fraud and cover ups?

… threaten loss of wages to steam roll uncontrolled spending?

… embrace junk fringe science bankroll public policy?

… weight statistics to support their agenda?

… approve emergency powers acts to constitutionally exercise dictatorial power without legal objection from other branches of government?

… exploit tragedy and violence as a pulpit to advance political objectives and to recruit party members willing to do the same?

… blend political acuity, deceptiveness and cunning to convert a party’s non-majority but plurality status into effective governing power?

… rewrite history to create a mythology surrounding their rise to power, countries greatness and hidden agendas.

… gain power by false promises denied by big lies, glittering generalities and fringe group appeal?

… criminalize free speech, censor the church and replace dependence on God with dependence on government?

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