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Herbal Medicines – Antibiotics

Have you noticed that commercials increasingly show more side effects for drugs?  And, they are worse than the condition that they are supposed to fix.  Have you noticed that antibiotics don’t seem to work anymore?  This is really scary! When … Continue reading

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Windows Updates, again … still

Here we go again. There is nothing like getting up in the morning, bleary eyed, turning on your PC, sipping on your coffee, and find that Microsoft has done it again.  Updates and patches for your PC. Sigh, thank you … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Shortcuts

Did you know that McDonald’s has a book of procedures on how each item on the menu is supposed to be prepared? What ticks me off is that some locations are very slipshod and does not follow procedures. Instead, they … Continue reading

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GOP in trouble

I wonder if the the GOP will be able to come up with a candidate that can make Obama a one term resident.

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